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KVERV (swirl, vortex) is a collection of continuous video streams and compositions I made while being artist in residence at Freie Universität Berlin's Excellence Cluster 2020 Temporal Communities.

The works are continuously evolving, algorithmically controlled video streams. Below you will find static recordings of three of these streams.

KVERV: s t a t e s

featuring Ulf NIlseng

camera assistant Josua Josua


featuring Yvan Novak

camera assistants Josua Josua and Eili Bråstad Johannesen


featuring Ulf Nilseng

camera assistant Josua Josua


In this audiovisual work, a concrete photograph and an abstract figure - two opposing elements - dissolve and bleed into each other. This movement is also mirrored in the sound. The work is meant as a problematization of human perception. The discretization of the auditory and visual elements - for example the (perceived) stark contrast between the obviously human-made red square and the natural landscape - is increasingly disturbed as the elements dissolve and become indistinguishable from one another. This produces a peculiar sensory impression, and can simultaneously be interpreted as a memento mori: A showcase for the fragility of human culture and perception.


The format is video projection on a large surface and a 4.1 quad speaker setup. The video should be viewed full screen.


A collaboration with visual and textile artist Kit Wan (HK).

All Alone (parallels III)

An audiovisual work based on extracts from 45 different Youtube clips. Each clip corresponds to a key on a keyboard, and can be played live as a little virtual orchestra. (The clips are all played back at their original pitch and speed.) The work underlines the social isolation implicit in so called social media. The naive, slightly melodramatic tonal form reflects the sad fact that all of these people are sitting alone, playing in front of their wardrobes and kitchen sinks, hoping to be heard.

multimedia art sound art video art performance galleri ram

^performance Galleri Ram, Oslo

A/V Letter Vol. 1

First A/V work in ongoing collaboration with Taiwanese video artist Tzuan Wu.


An audiovisual composition, in which I employ temporal distortion as a lyrical gesture. On the surface this seems like an ordinary recording of a performing ensemble, but both the video and sound are in fact (transmedially corresponding) collages composed of different recordings. As such this is a non-event. I also utilize auditory and visual freezing of the different instrumentalists. Performed by students and employees at the department of music, NTNU, Trondheim:

Piano: Kjetil André Mulelid, Vibraphone: Anders Kristiansen, Cello: Kaja Fjellberg Pettersen, Viola: Karoline Vik Hegge, Clarinet: Nils Marius Kjøsnes, Flute: Kari Eline, Synth: Amund Ulvestad


A short manipulative exercise, aimed at showing music’s (and every other human endeavor’s) breathing, ghasping origin in biology. The distinction between nature and culture is itself a cultural product and should be treated as such. 

Saxophone improvisation by Axel Rigaud.

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